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Pest Elimination and Control

Ants. Termites. The German Cockroach.

And…an Arizona specialty: scorpions.

Let’s face it: these home invaders are present in every neighborhood. They’ll make your life unpleasant, at best. Pests like these can also create a living nightmare for you, right in your very own home.

Good thing our company knows all about Arizona pest elimination and control. Call us immediately, at the first sign of any pest and we’ll get the situation under control. Not only that, but our team provides you with a safe, effective approach to eliminating those pests now and then for protecting your home in the future.

Good-Bye Pests, Now and Forever

Total pest elimination requires a two-pronged approach: exterminate now and prevent re-infestation in the future. Think of your home as a fortress, and pests are continuously arriving outside, trying to get in. All sorts of things near your house may be sending out invitations to pests, without your even knowing it.

That’s where we come in: we’ll perform a total-property evaluation and control pests where you never suspected them to be. We put our expertise to work seeking out common nesting conditions so even unseen pests will be eliminated.

For example, did you know…

  1. …that some species of Arizona spiders like moisture, so the eaves of your house are common hiding spots?
  2. Or did you know that roof rats love to burrow under shrubs that are up against the walls of your house, but they can also be found up in trees?
  3. Carpenter Ants love decayed wood, so any old utility pole near your home can become a breeding ground for these destructive insects. A typical colony of Carpenter Ants hosts over 3000 ants, by the way.
  4. The Western Drywood Termite loves dry wood…as an Arizona resident, that’s something to watch out for!
  5. Did you know that although the American Cockroach is usually found in commercial buildings, they can also be found in yards? Our warm Arizona climate means these nasty creatures can be found outside your door any time of year.

Our evaluation covers not only your home, but also your yard, plants, trees and shrubs. We’ll seek out tricky spots like this a take control so you get no more home invaders.

Why Our Company

With our company, you get knowledgeable professionals applying proven techniques to rid your home of insects & rodents. We approach pest elimination with a scientific methodology that draws from the latest pest control research conducted by top scientists in the field. Experience is always important, and we have decades of expertise behind us. But innovation is key when it comes to fighting the particular subset of pest species found in the dry Arizona climate…which is a far cry from the humid, ocean-drenched conditions of San Diego’s pest conditions. But we’re the best pest control company in Tucson, Arizona and we’re proud of it.

Innovation = Safety

If we didn’t stay current with the latest techniques based on research in the field of pest elimination, we wouldn’t be able to offer safe Tucson pest control services. You see, the ideal pest elimination service gets rid of the bugs & rodents but doesn’t compromise the air quality or harm you in any way. That means a safer home environment for you, your pets, and the rest of your family.