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Tucson Arizona’s “premier” pest control services

Are you having issues with any of these little annoyances?

Termites, bees, birds, rodents, ants, spiders, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, bed bugs, scorpions or weeds???

Then give us a call or fill out the form to get a free quote….we will take care of you, immediately.

With a list of usual suspects like this, every home needs help. Have you had a home pest evaluation yet?

We’re the premier (and most affordable) pest control service in the Tucson area.

Having professionals like ours means you’ve got all the expertise you need, right on your side where you need it. In fact, our technicians are the pride of our company: they are highly trained, they are professional, and they get the job done. They have to…otherwise we wouldn’t still be considered the top pest control company in the Phoenix and Tucson areas.

The dry desert air, the wonder and beauty of the native vegetation, the amazing desert and the stunning mountains that surround our cities…Arizona is a great place to live. More and more people think so every year, too. The U.S. Census reports that the suburbs around Phoenix are among the top fastest-growing areas of the country.

Well humans aren’t the only species that love living in Arizona. Turns out all this growth, combined with our natural dry and warm climate makes for a desirable location for pests, too.

Effective Pest Control Requires Professionals Like Ours

When it comes to eliminating bugs and other unwelcome critters from your life, you can’t do it alone. That’s because not all pests can be seen. In fact, by the time you see evidence of termites, lots of damage may have already occurred. Same goes for carpenter ants and lots of other home invaders. Only trained technicians like ours can perform search and destroy missions that result in the most effective pest elimination available today. They know where to look and what to look for. Our highly trained technicians even know how to spot mere evidence of pests, even if they don’t see the pests themselves.

How do we train our technicians? Thoroughly and often. Unlike other pest control companies, we provide ongoing training so our customers know they’re getting the best extermination services in the state. If there’s a better, safer way to rid your home of ants, termites, spiders or any other pests, we’ll know about it.

After all, you want to rid your home of pests but you don’t want to harm yourself or your family in the process! We won’t leave your home full of noxious fumes, toxic residue, or any other danger or irritant. In fact, after the technicians leave, all you’ll notice is a pest-free home!

Get Your Home Pest Evaluation Before Pests Move In

Call us and we’ll come out to your home and provide a comprehensive assessment of your home to identify pests and eliminate them. Not only that, but we’ll also survey your yard for warning signs that pests are infiltrating. We’ll also point out to you what types of environments are conducive to unwanted pests, so you can eliminate those potential nesting grounds and prevent future problems. You can rest assured that we’ll help you not only rid your home of pests, but also prevent them from coming back.

Image source: http://amerapestcontrol.com/