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How to Protect Your Family Against Ants in the House

Ants are a serious problem, which is particularly relevant for residents of private houses and apartments located on the ground floors. Insects unexpectedly appear in spring and summer, penetrating into the living room from the street or from the basement and remain to live for many years. What are the dangers of these unwanted guests and how to get rid of ants in the house using chemistry or folk methods? Where can they get into the house and how can it be prevented? Let’s figure everything out!If you are a lesbian - women meeting women online

How to deal with ants in the house: proven tips

Your fight with ants should begin with a general cleaning. Food supplies, especially sugar, should be in hard-to-reach spaces. Vacuum, remove crumbs from the carpets and clean the floor. All surfaces must be wiped with a sponge soaked in a disinfectant. The cracks through which ants get into the apartment should be walled up with any available means: glue, silicone sealant, etc. The discovered nest can be watered with ordinary boiling water, which "cooks" its inhabitants alive.

Folk remedies for home ants in the apartment

There are a large number of folk anti-ants. It is impossible to predict how effective natural resources will be in a particular case because, unlike chemicals, they often don’t destroy pests, but only scare them away. For example, you can boil tomatoes and pour the broth on the nest. Also, you can use a soap solution for this purpose. Some draw lines in places where ants appear with ordinary chalk – this way, you can confuse an ant that is walking along the path.

Harsh and strong flavors

Like many other insects, ants hate strong smells (even those that seem very pleasant to people):

  • mint or lavender can be planted around the house to repel insects from the whole house;
  • in places of potential penetration of ants into the house, drip a path from the essential oil of mint, lavender, cinnamon or cloves, sprinkle liquid ammonia or camphor (this is a preventive measure);
  • near the threshold and other places of possible passage of insects into the dwelling, spread out fresh or dry wormwood, tansy, mint;

Call disinfection service

If all methods don’t work and you don’t know how to get rid of ants in the house on your own, you can call the organization that provides disinfection services. This is especially good if the main nest of ants can’t be found. Specialists will treat the premises with special chemicals, so it is better to leave the house for the period of disinfection, for example, to visit relatives. In an apartment building where ants have settled, neighbors can be attracted to the fight. Thus, it will cost less. In addition, the disinfection of the attic, basement, and staircases will prevent the emergence of new ants. The disinfection itself takes about an hour, but the toxic substances on the surfaces should remain for a day, and proceed to wet cleaning no earlier than in a few weeks. Then not only adult ants but also their larvae will die.