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How to get rid of weeds

Which weeds do you need gone?

Any plant in your yard can become a weed…all it takes is for you to want it gone. In the weed control business, the customer defines the problem, and we take care of it. In fact, the definition of a weed is actually any plant that’s not wanted. That volunteer lily that sprouted up last Spring? If you don’t want it there, it’s a weed! Any shrub, plant, grass, tree or even fungus that lives on your property can be defined as a weed, even though it may be considered desirable under different circumstances. If something causes family members to have allergies, it’s a weed in your yard!

Weeds are Home Invaders

Sources of weeds in your yard are plenty and very diverse. Here in Arizona, we have our own local specialties like the following common desert weeds:

  • Russian Knapweed
  • Various kinds of thistle
  • Scorpion weed
  • All sorts of grass species, like Desert Saltgrass

Seedlings can come into your property in ways you never dreamed of…on your shoes, for example. They can also enter your home through heating and cooling units. The key to effective weed control is actually preventing the weeds from taking hold and spreading.

Sure, you can eradicate any plant you don’t want. But that’s just the first step in a truly effective weed control program. Proper weed control incorporates early detection of invasive species so future problems are avoided. You see, once the weeds are prevalent enough for you to notice them, it’s actually a little late to apply the most cost-effective weed control measures. Of course you can remove any weeds quickly and safely, but wouldn’t you rather prevent them from sprouting there in the first place? A well-established growth of weeds is harder to remove than to prevent. Prevention is certainly more budget-friendly for you, too!

Long-Lasting Weed Control

We are weed control professionals who can eradicate any plant species you like. We provide safe, professional results that solve your weed issues using science-based techniques combined with the type of expertise that can only come from decades of experience.

Safe weed control is first and foremost on our minds when we come to your home to eradicate invasive species. After all, nobody wants harmful chemicals left around for pets or children to get into, not to mention the plants you do want. When we put safety first, we’re not just talking about our technicians…we’re talking about you, our customers.

Warning: Weed control products can poison you if they are not used properly. You, your family and your pets are in danger of poison or other harmful effects if weed control herbicides are used by anyone other than professionals like us. In fact, sometimes the law prohibits use of these products by anyone other than a professional.