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How to get rid of cockroaches


No doubt, cockroaches are unpleasant co-habitors.

From the biological point of view, cockroaches live in “symbiosis” with people. It means that they exist with us and bring some benefits to people. But how can cockroaches benefit us? These insects eat leftovers, and thereby clean our dwellings.

So that, practically everybody, who has these insects in his home dreams to know how to get rid of cockroaches.

Methods how to get rid of cockroaches

There a lot of ways to eliminate cockroaches: starting with widely advertised brand-new traps and pest control chemicals and ending with traditional malathion, used by sanitary epidemiological station.

Most of these methods have a number of common disadvantages:

  • – Usually cockroaches disappear only for some time or their number can be just reduced;
  • – Dichlorvos and other pest control chemicals may leave unpleasant scent in the house;
  • – Pest control products are dangerous for people’s and animals’ health

Chemical method against roaches

Harmful for health pest control chemicals lead to weakening of immune system and thereby capability of an organism to fight off infections and disease-caused germs. As a result, any disease can easily develop or become aggravated. Dry chemicals are very dangerous if they are swallowed and in case of contact with bare wounds. More often than not it happens with children and pets. Not rarely it causes even to death. For example, it is known that cats clean themselves with their tongue, so that they lick off everything that is on their feet and hair. If the animal’s weight is small (cats, small dogs, hamster and other little pets) the probability of its death after such elimination is high.

Biological method and on what it is based

We cite the way to get rid of cockroaches below. It is based on usage their biological particulars against them.Well, this method is not new, many people know or heard about it. Some of them even have tried to use it, but not successfully because of lack of patience. Pest control chemicals kill cockroaches immediately, while results of the way cited below are seen only after 3-5 weeks.

Here are main particulars of cockroaches which are taken into account for this method:
Cockroaches can live without food, but not without water. Maimed, half-dead and intoxicated cockroach often can survive if it reaches water. They are very small, that is why it is unreal to exterminate them by cutting off the access to water. Cockroaches can quench their thirst in a pot, one drop next to the sink, on the floor or in the bathroom is enough. That is why, they will not leave your home if you just left home for some time and left no food, because they can eat anywhere else.

Cockroaches are extremely curious. Let’s carry an experiment. Put on an open place (for example, in the middle of the kitchen’s floor) something bright (nice candy wrapper). If you have got a lot of cockroaches at home just move off and silently wait for some time. If there are few insects, you will have to wait until night. What will you see? Little insect is approaching unknown object with curiosity and start to examine it with its antennae.

Cockroaches are unable to share more or less complicated experience. I said “more or less” because probably cockroaches have got some ways of sharing experience. However, we don’t know about them yet. But there is no doubt that these insects cannot warn each other about danger. The most dreadful poison for cockroaches is boric acid. Toxic chemicals just kill insects if the dose is big enough. Boric acid causes terrible throes. Cockroaches get an extreme itch all over the body. If the insect survives, it will go far away from the place where he got infected forever. It will never go back.

What ways of elimination can we think up using all particulars, sited above?

Stop the roaches: method 1

Strew around all water sources ( sinks, toilet, bathroom, ventilation grills, place around garbage pail and other places you think should be treated).

Do not be afraid to strew boric acid – it is not harmful for people and animals. People can even rinse mouth cavity with it’s solution. Most pharmacies keep it in stock. For strewing whole flat you will need from 30 to 100 grams. Amount of acid depends on size of the house and your hatred of these pests. However, cockroaches will sense boric acid and they will try to find water somewhere else. And a lot of them will manage it for sure.

Stop the cockroaches: method 2

So, there is second method.It is based on usage cockroaches’ curiosity against them. Put 30-50 grams of boric acid into raw egg yolk and knead it till it is like dense squash. Shape little balls having the diameter of about 1 centimeter. Let them dry for about 1 hour and place them all over the flat on conspicuous places. Pay attention to the kitchen, toilet and bathroom.

Do not forget that places should be conspicuous not for you, but for cockroaches. Floor, surface of shelves, cupboards, windowsills are perfect places for that. You may take balls away from the floor in the daytime if you do not want to tread on them, but at night put balls back, as cockroaches are more active at the nighttime.

Cockroach will not sense boric acid masked as a nice ball and will reach it to find out what it is.When insect feels it with its antennae it will be doomed to death or extremely intense itch.It will not be able to warn others about danger because it is too difficult to do. Besides, cockroach will not suppose that this nice ball is the reason of its terrible throes. So that, others will touch the ball and get infected. Moreover, they can infect other cockroaches by touching them.

In 3-4 weeks you will start to sweep great amount of dead cockroaches every day (if there were a lot of them), and then they will vanish completely.

But for how long?

If after half year cockroaches appear again, it means that eggs were laid eggs and new breed were born. Methods of elimination are the same. If insects appeared after a few years just renew balls, on the cupboards they do not hamper anybody.

Sometimes cockroaches may come to your house from neighborhoods, who were trying to poison them with pest-killer chemicals. If there are balls, insects will run away. Strewing boric acid on ventilation grills is also very effective way to prevent pests.

But it is better to use both methods together.

These harmless for people’s and animals’ health methods will clean cockroaches off your house even if there are lots and lots of cockroaches in your dwelling.

Finally, some killing advice…lol. If you kill cockroaches with a slipper, you need to know, that cockroaches are very resistant to physical injuries. So, to kill a cockroach it is not enough just to slap it, you have to squash an insect. Being just slapped, It can easily recover if it reaches water. However, it is better to strew boric acid on a cockroach and let him go and infect the rest.

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