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Experts only, homie

pest-control-expertsWe’re Tucson Exterminating Solutions, a community of pest control experts providing quality reviews on the latest pest control products and methods.

What is it that makes us the #1 source for pest control resources and information? It’s simple, actually. Here are 4 reasons why you should trust us over those other guys:

Stop trusting Amazon reviews

If you’re one of those people that believes what everyone tells you, you’ve probably fallen for a few Amazon review-influenced purchases. What you need to realize is that Amazon product reviews are manipulated all the time. Brands will pay everyday people to leave a positive review, whether the information is true or not.

A community of experts saw the need for an authoritative review website to provide valuable and honest product reviews. That’s how Tucson Exterminating Solutions was born, and we’re pretty proud of what we have to offer: reviews that you can trust.

Been there, done that

You’re gonna listen to the dude that had a random run-in with an ant colony and suddenly becomes the local entomologist expert? I don’t think so. When it comes to reviewing pest and weed control products, you need it from a trusted source.

We’re a community of pest control experts and that means we’ve got experience with any bug, bird, or beast you can think of. Our reviews go deeper than just the name of the critter. Expert reviews are formulated on a foundation of many crucial variables including climate, time of year, social trends, common myths, and recent scientific breakthroughs in the pest control industry. We also work with other local businesses (like provo carpet cleaning) to compile different expert opinions and identify trends in the pest control industry.

No BS, just the facts

We get it. You need researched factual information, not a bunch of corporate jargon repeating the same crap 7 times before they tell you what the product does. That’s why we provide condensed reviews with just enough information for you to make an educated purchase on the pest control product that will be most effective for your situation.

Although our product rankings are based on the opinions and experiences of pest control experts, we’re all about the facts. Our information comes from reliable educational sources.

From DIY to commercial

From local business owners to stay at home parents, we’ve educated them all. It doesn’t matter your level of experience with pest extermination, we make our reviews helpful to anyone with a problem. That’s because we realize that pests are invading homes and businesses every day across the world. It’s our goal to educate you on what actually works to not only eliminate pests, but prevent them from bothering you in the first place.

When it comes to extermination solutions, it’s more than just products. Certain do-it-yourself remedies actually work great, depending on the problem. Other DIY labeled solutions are simply myths that waste peoples’ time and money every day. Take it from the pros, we’ve been there before and we know what gets results.

Any questions, comments, and concerns you have OR if you would like to be a part of the Tucson Exterminating Solutions expert community, visit our about page.

Look around the site, but don’t stay too long… You’ve got pests to take care of. Take action right now!